Our needs are going to be in basically two categories. First being is to get these projects completed, we have budgeted $65,000 which is realistic for Panama but we have options to increase the comfort and improve the over all experience. An example is adding an ozone generator to the pool to cut way down the chlorine needed, another would be some upgrades to the casita that I will discuss later. We should have quotes from the contractors sometime in the next week or so and will discuss them right here. 


The second will be the ongoing cost of hosting Pastors which includes food, transportation and excursions to share this wonderful country. We will share with you in general our on going budget and personally though private messages more in depth of these figures. We will also have a better time frame as to when construction will begin and when we expect to start hosting Pastors.

The easiest way for us to accept donations is through PayPal it is extremely safe and easy.