The Building Plans Begin

April 28, 2021  Today I ( Gary ) met with two contractors here at our home in Las Palmas. These guys come highly recommended. We discussed with them a few projects,

The first is building of a 40 X 18 foot pool along with a 8 x 6 foot soaker pool which will sit a little higher and have a waterfall that cascades out of the back into the pool. This will include a tiled area behind and on the sides for sun bathing and lounging.

Second thing on the list will be a Panamanian style Casita for pastors and families to stay while on their visits . It will be two bedrooms with a open concept bathroom  similar to ours in the "big house". It will have a small kitchen area for snacking as most meals will be in our new open air kitchen and dinning area adjacent to the pool area. In the living area there will be a fold out couch or futon making room for a family of 5 or 6. 

Barbara and myself spent the next morning with Andy (our contractor) and viewed a number of homes and pools that he had built or that are in different phases of completion. We were very impressed on what we saw and all the options to be considered. In addition there are plans to improve the water system for the house to accommodate the extra visitors.

We have added a Donate Page for anyone who would like to help out with this project. Any help will be greatly appreciated. If you have questions about any of this you can contact us at  Eight Degrees North | Facebook.


This will be the future building site for the Casita, just south of the Pineapple plants


This should be the view to the south of the deck from the casita. Pacific ocean.


This is the area where the pool will be built, The palm and the cactus will be moved somewhere else and the rocks have to go !!

How it all started

As those of you that know us this journey has had a number of bumps and turns, another part of this adventure started a number of years ago with a conversation I  had with our good friend and pastor Garrett, during that Sunday morning sermon Garrett had spoke of never retiring. He was referring to never quitting working for the Lord, at a BBQ that same afternoon I jokingly ask Garrett if that meant I had to raise cows the rest of my life. That led to a pretty interesting conversation on what working for the Lord would look like in our retirement as we hoped to live in some warm tropical location. Garrett mentioned something sorely lacking was a place a little unique or exotic that pastors and families could go to rest and vacation. As we all know they work many more hours than they are paid and that is a strain on their families as well as on the pastors personally. Pastor burn out is a real problem.

As a result of the above mentioned conversation, Barb and I have discussed in depth what we could do.  Besides welcoming all of our friends and family we will also welcome pastors and their families to come vacation with us at no cost to them.  Unfortunately this does not include airfare but room and board is on us.  Come be our guests.

We will be updating the website as more details regarding all that Panama has to offer in the way of fishing, beaching and recreating.  We want to bless you in your time of rejuvenation!  You’ll always have the option to just kick back and enjoy the peace and quiet of the beach.

We will have an option for people to donate so we can offer the possibility of paid airfare and to help offset hospitality costs.

We will be updating this page as events happen.  Thanks