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"From Dreaming to Doing: Our Journey to Panama"

On this day 3 years ago, March 27, 2021, Gary and myself along with our dogs Joey and Mandi moved to our new home here Puerto Armuelles, just 13 short months from our very first visit to Panama.

We’d love to share a little of our back story with you, we hope you enjoy.

Prior to our visit to Panama, we had had a couple of thoughts about where we would land.  Our main priority was to not just retire for retirement's sake, on the water or to a new land, we also felt led to have a place that we could offer to pastors and their families, free of charge, where they could just…be.  To offer a time and a place where they could minister to their family and just have time away from the daily demands of leading a congregation.

The first was living on a boat, a catamaran to be precise.  We researched and planned this for about a year and as excited as the prospect was, the logistics was just too much.  7 children between us all whom live all across the United States, dogs, not to mention the idea of having visiting pastors on board, it just was not meant to be.

Our next big idea was Belize…again, we researched the country, the best you can online, as with most Central American countries, there is little online and a lot of what there is, is either outdated or miss-represented.  Our visit there was in October of 2019.  Let us just say that upon landing and within a few hours, we knew that Belize wasn’t for us.  

So, we enjoyed our little vacation, 10 days in fact, but once back in Idaho we both were a bit dejected, what were we going to do? The past couple of years had been spent almost daily, researching, watching videos, talking and praying about where we would end up.

Most of us had heard and knew a little about Panama, for us, it was mainly the canal and the Noriega era, other than that, Panama was never on our radar even though Panama has rich and varied Expat (Expatriates) communities throughout the country and has for many, many years.  Like Belize however, not a lot of accurate or at least current information was available, we just had to check it out.

We made our escape in February of 2020, as soon as we got back to the States, Panama closed as did so many other places in the world, but we left with the knowledge that we would be back as soon as the country opened back up.

Thank you for reading our story so far, come back and read about our first visit as well as our move here. And please, leave a like, a comment or even ask a question if you want more information.

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