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Work is a gift from God. He gave us the privilege of working for
His purposes, even before sin entered the world. (Genesis 1:26).
Work should glorify God and it can bring us great joy, but if we
are honest, work can also feel futile and exhausting. Thankfully,
God also gave us rest.

The purpose of this page is to ask for help with support of our mission to give bible
teaching pastors and their families a place to renew and refresh themselves.
As you may know, we felt led to build a place that would allow for those in ministry
a place where they could minister to their own souls and minds as well as to their families with the time that is often not afforded.

We kept this in prayer as we were looking for our new home. God shut many doors
over a period of almost 2 years, we continued knowing that He would provide the
place and means to do this.

When we saw it, we just knew!
We were told that nothing happens quickly here, it would take a year at least, maybe
2. It took 8 months, start to finish. We used our retirement fund to build a beautiful
2 bedroom casita on the property we were able to buy.

We have reached out and sent numerous emails to churches, to personal friends that
are pastors and to websites that cater to pastors, wives and missionaries to offer our
place to them free for 1 week.

The casita has been built for almost 2 years, we pay out of our own retirement check
utilities every month, and we offer ground transportation and outings during their

We have received a lot of interest but no visitors yet. We believe that will change
more now that Covid is no longer an issue and travel is getting cheaper and better
all the time.

We had placed this on Airbnb for a time, to perhaps offset some cost but we felt that
was not a good fit for us. We will be offering at a much reduced rate to Christians,
first responders as well as active and retired military. This will be coming soon.

If you are led, please donate even $5.00 a month would truly help us offset costs, we
pray that one day with enough support we could even pay for a pastor and his wife
to fly here so the 1 week stay plus airfare would be covered.

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