Two apps for your phone that are very useful in travel are UBER and, in our opinion these are great tools to save money and make things more convenient. One example is cost of UBER between Tocumen International Airport and midtown is $10-$15, we understand taxi fare for the same trip averages $25. Another thing for those of you that have never used UBER you know the amount of the trip before you get in the car, money never changes hand as a credit card is linked to your UBER account. As such no Gringo pricing.

Another thing to keep in mind is that even when a hotel in Panama advertises airport transfers, unlike in much of the U.S. there is a charge. In our experience UBER is a fraction of the cost.

All though our travel in Panama is still limited we have had some experiences with local hotels, most have been great but some of those hotels have closed due to the restrictions resulting from the Covid-19.

Our latest was to find The Executive Hotel on Calle 52 Aqulino de La Guardia in Panama City. It has a rating of 9.0 and average nightly rate in the $65 - $70 with breakfast cooked to order included. Another bonus is the restaurant is affordable with large portions for lunch or dinner.

Car Rentals in Panama can be tricky I will include some insight in the future but if you are traveling down to visit us it is easiest to fly into the Enrique Malek International Airport in David and we will greet you there. First Advise (NEVER DRIVE IN PANAMA CITY) let a trained professional do it!!

We will include some tips on finding the best deals on airfare soon.