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It is our call to minister to those pastors teaching the Word of God by being able to host you and your family for a seven day stay in our vacation casita, “Bethel House”. It comes complete with two bedrooms, one bathroom, kitchen and living room, perfect for a family of 4. In addition, you will have access to our pool and beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean.


 Follow the tips below to start planning your visit.

The first step is to contact us using our contact page, under put Pastor Request Form.

After approval of your request, we will send you dates available for your visit.  Once we confirm your dates, start looking for airfare. To find the best airfare to Panama City we suggest using Google Flights. The flight from Panama City to David will be a separate ticket you book directly with COPA.

If traveling from the US or Canada all you need is a valid passport with an expiration date more than six months out.

To get to Puerto Armuelles we will meet you on arrival in David. We can stop in David so you can pick up food and drinks for your visit as well we do have three small but well stocked grocery stores here.

Go to our Eight Degrees North | Facebook page to see updates.

Tocumen Airport 

There a couple things about the major airport in Panama City (Tocumen) that can be a little confusing. We will discuss them here and with a few pictures it will be a breeze.


When you exit the lower level of the terminal there are four different traffic lanes, the first is covered and for official vehicles and taxis. Now remember we recommend only using UBER while in Panama City. There are numerous stories of fare gouging by cabs. Cab drivers are very aggressive just say no gracias and keep walking.


This the second lane, it is for shuttles and buses. Just a note: many hotels advertise airport shuttles but most are not free many times as much as $40. They hide it in the fine print. With the exception of the two hotels closes to the airport all others have a substantial fee. UBER is $15 to $25 to most all points in the city.

This is the third lane, has a blue covering. This for passenger pickup which includes UBER. As your ride pulls up it will have its four way flashers on and as you already know the make and color it is pretty easy. The fourth lane has to do with long term parking and rental cars.

Flying out of Panama City to David

All domestic COPA flights leave out of the "Domestic Terminal" on the lower level. You need to go outside to get to the door. This was a bit confusing on our first visit but they have now added some signs to make it clearer.


You walk all the way to the end, (to the right as you face the outside) Away from the rental car dealers. At the BANCO Nacional go outside though the doors to your left.


As you come out the door to the right you will see the sign above, as you walk down you will see the entrance ( image to the left). As you enter you will go though a small passport and boarding pass check and then a security screening. Now this is where it gets a little interesting. You enter a smaller boarding area with normal airport seats, when they call our row you go outside get on a bus for a ride to the new terminal, walk up stairs and then down the jetway onto the airplane.



Two apps for your phone that are very useful in travel are UBER and, in our opinion these are great tools to save money and make things more convenient. One example is cost of UBER between Tocumen International Airport and midtown is $15-25, we understand taxi fare for the same trip averages $30.  Another thing for those of you that have never used UBER you know the amount of the trip before you get in the car, money never changes hand as a credit card is linked to your UBER account. As such no Gringo pricing.

Another thing to keep in mind is that even when a hotel in Panama advertises airport transfers, unlike in much of the U.S. there is a charge. In our experience UBER is a fraction of the cost.

All though our travel in Panama is still limited we have had some experiences with local hotels, most have been great but some of those hotels have closed due to the restrictions resulting from the Covid-19.

Our latest was to find The Executive Hotel on Calle 52 Aqulino de La Guardia in Panama City. It has a rating of 9.0 and average nightly rate in the $65 - $70 with breakfast included. Another bonus is the restaurant is affordable with large portions for lunch or dinner.

Car Rentals in Panama can be tricky I will include some insight in the future but if you are traveling down to visit us it is easiest to fly into the Enrique Malek International Airport in David and we will greet you there. First Advise (NEVER DRIVE IN PANAMA CITY) let a trained professional do it!!

 If you would like to help, out below is a link to donate.
The easiest way for us to accept donations is through PayPal it is extremely safe and easy.
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